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Why is Dorothy such a bitch? Why is Roger such an arrogant prick? These are things that I think about, and these are things that I feel like writing about. Why? Cos I wanna!

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Can People Just Stop Whining About The Big O on Cartoon Network?

I originally had responded to a thread on the Anime Jump Big O forum regarding The Big O's debut on the Cartoon Network. As it was the third such conversation I'd been in that day, I'd kind of had it....

So, We Saw the First Episode...

... and I really, really enjoyed it.¶ I had called an impromptu Big O Watchin' Party to be attended in the end by my boyfriend Christian, my ho Prairie, Mr. Mike Toole, my roommate Neil, and myself. Prairie, Mike and I practically ran to my house after work to catch the 5:30 start and ohhhh mercy... no one was disappointed...

Wild Speculation about The Big O, Season 2

What was once rumor is now fact... there will be a second season of The Big O, and it will air in Japan and it will air here on the Cartoon Network. Whee! However, what can we expect in the future? Here's a little list of weird questions, speculations, observations, and thoughts that I've got on the show...

Roger Smith is Soooo Hooooot...

I don't know what was in the water that the production crew was drinking while Big O Second Season was in production, but it seems like Roger got much, much sexier during the show's hiatus. I mean, DAMN...

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