Angel Angel Dan Daston R. Dorothy Wayneright
The Big O Roger Smith
Dan Daston   Dorothy and Eugene
  Dorothy Dorothy and Eugene
R. Dorothy R. Dorothy R. Dorothy
R. Dorothy R. Dorothy R. Dorothy R. Dorothy

These are cels from my personal collection. Some of these are cels that I used to own, and some are cels that I currently own. If it's a cel of Dorothy and if the icon shown on the left isn't semi-transparent, then I still have it. If it's not, then this guy has it, or had them at any rate.

Some people have asked if they can buy my cels. Unless noted, I will entertain no offers unless they are really large. However, I'm willing to trade for cels of equal or greater value. Otherwise, if you want Big O cels, try eBay or your favorite cel dealer. You may also want to check out links on

New on 9/14/02: dorothy_10, dorothy_11.

If you have a cel/cels of Dorothy in her red dress that you want to unload, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!!! I'm also interested in cels of Dorothy in her green dress.

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