Kon-nya-nachi-wa!!! How is everyone doing today! It's time for another popular PERO-CHAN CHECK!!

Dorothy may not have Card Captor Sakura's wardrobe, but she does have quite a few dresses! And they're all so different from one another! For example, Dorothy's black dress, the one she is seen in most often in the anime and the manga, are really different from each other! The difference is so subtle! Look at the styling of the cuffs of her sleeves! Are you guys with me so far? Great!

Green Dress: anime

Here is Dorothy's green dress as seen in the anime! Look at the stylish lavender shoes; they match the headband perfectly! And look at how Dorothy's dress has dark insets at the pleats! Those white buttons are so cute, too.

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Green Dress: manga

Oh, but now here is her green dress from the manga! Note her stylish choker. Note the little gem hanging from it. I wonder what kind of stone that is? And now her shoes have little straps! I like the full bell skirt, don't you? The bow in the back accents the skirt perfectly!

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Red Dress

Here we can see Dorothy's red party dress, worn with long gloves, sheer stockings and black shoes! The beads really tie this outfit togher, don't they? There is all sorts of embroidery on the bodice, and it never looks consistent in the anime OR the manga! They must have pricked their fingers on the needle a lot!

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R•D's cape

And here is a red cape! But... that's not Dorothy, is it? I wonder if R•D's cape is supposed to go with the red dress? They would look lovely together, ne? But I'm a little bit scared of R•D. I wonder if we will find out who she is in a second season? Kids, tell your parents to buy all of the Big O DVDs, on sale now!

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Black Dress: anime

Here, the regulation black dress of the Smith household has a cute whitePeter Pan collar. A white ruffle extends from the neck. Such a shiny green brooch is pinned to her collar! Dorothy can wear the dress with a tan wicker basket on her arm when she goes shopping!

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Black Dress: manga

This dress is the same as the other one, except that the cuffs are fringed! In the anime, Dorothy has more formal-looking cuffs. Thanks to my little friend who pointed this out! Do you like Dorothy's eyes in the manga? They're green and have concentric circles, just like a robot!

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White nightgown: manga

We've got one more outfit to go! Are you ready for it? Great! This is Dorothy's white nightgown that she only wears in the manga. I hope that Dorothy doesn't get in trouble for wearing such a pretty white nightgown in the Smith household!

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Well, everyone, be sure to keep watching Big O on your TV sets! See you next time for Pero-chan Check! HON-NA-NA!!!!


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