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So, We Saw the First Episode...

... and I really, really enjoyed it.

I had called an impromptu Big O Watchin' Party to be attended in the end by my boyfriend Christian, my ho Prairie, Mr. Mike Toole, my roommate Neil, and myself. Prairie, Mike and I practically ran to my house after work to catch the 5:30 start and ohhhh mercy... no one was disappointed.

The voices were really good, not at all grating or exaggerated or otherwise crappy. Roger is being voiced by the guy who plays Spike Spiegel in the Cowboy Bebop dub. Roger's dead on for the original Roger, with the perfect blend of cocky arrogance and sophistication. Dorothy's monotonous, mechanical voice is also very complimentary to the original actress' voice, so fans of the original will be pleased. Actually, every voice sounded good, though I really wish they'd used Jet Black's voice actor for Dan Daston, though I could see how that would get kind of lame when you've got Spike/Roger and Jet/Dan... maybe we'll see Faye's VA appear as Angel?

Anyhow, the edits seemed to be minimal. They showed Roger consuming alcohol... TWICE!! Well, I joked it was grape juice. They showed Miguel Soldano... DEAD!! And made no bones about him being dead, for that matter. The only glaringly-noticeable errors were the pronounciation of "Megadeus" (pronounced "Megadeuce") and the digital editing of "Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty" to "Cast in the name of GOOD, Ye Not Guilty." Which, well, really...

Seriously, I could not be more pleased with a TV dub. The original Japanese credits were left in, and the AWFUL tacky ending song was taken out in favor of a montage of clips from various episodes present and future.

If Cartoon Network keeps this up, fans are just not gonna have any grounds for arguments. This is a show that everyone can appreciate. I approve!!

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