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That's it! No more Big O! What an... ending. Hm. Dorothy was feeling pretty verbose and shows as much in her latest diary entry (is it me, or is she uncharacteristically punchy in there?), up for your viewing pleasure now.

I guess plenty of people have read my latest OP/ED piece on how hot I think Roger's gotten. Just to clarify, yes, I am a girl. That last comment was intended to be ironic. Kthx

Since the second season's come to an end, I guess I'll close the site down. HA! Not really. No, it means that it's even more pathetic that I still haven't finished overhauling all sections of the site to look uniform. Maybe I'll actually learn how to use these wacky Dreamweaver templates now.


... show ending too soon.... one question answered, ten more raised...

I'm not sure if I've ever gotten so much satisfaction in being disappointed by a show that is constantly rewriting itself. It's like when the X-Files was still good. It's like getting jazzed to watch 24 each week, even though you know it's going to be more preposterous than last time. It's a real thrill, and I'm sad that there's just one episode left.

One thing I've noticed about the second season is that Roger has gotten like a hundred times sexier. Maybe he was sexy all along and I just didn't notice? It's entirely possible. At any rate, I've got a new opinion piece up about it; take a read.

My apologies for going a couple of weeks without an update: a two-con weekend plus reaching the end of a big project at work can leave a person feeling extremely burnt out.

The Diary has been updated with entries for the last couple of episodes, so check that out. I also removed a bunch of dead links from the links page. Otherwise, not much else has been done with the site, I'm afraid. I'll be carving pumpkins soon and then getting ready to celebrate my birthday in November, then comes Christmas... you know the drill.

As you know, there's just two more new episodes to go before we are done with all 26 acts. Will we be treated to a third season? Who knows. The drama increases tenfold each week... who knows what's going on now?

WOW! Act 21 was incredibly intense, so naturally Dorothy's got a new entry up in the Diary section. Once again, the show just gets better and better every week. What else can happen? Could there just possibly be any more drama or sudden plot twists? Maybe? Please?

Again, please look for a chubby redhead in glasses at Anime Weekend Atlanta on the weekend of September 26-28, and please come to my website panel where I will talk about this website as well as my others at Anime Next in Rye, NY from October 3-5.

Dorothy's written yet another vague diary entry for Act 20, so go see. Still nothing for Act 18, which stinks because I'm tired of hearing what an awesome episode it was. ;_; At any rate, Style's still being worked on. I've gotten some new drawings done, but haven't had a lot of time to work on this nonstop, which is just my style, man. It's my style! Again, please look for a chubby redhead in glasses at Anime Weekend Atlanta on the weekend of September 26-28, and please come to my website panel where I will talk about this website as well as my others at Anime Next in Rye, NY from October 3-5.

Wow! We survived the move to a new host. Thanks for visiting the site. Your efforts will be rewarded thusly: the long-awaited second season of The Big O will be airing on Adult Swim starting at 11:00PM EST on Sunday, August 3rd.

Your other reward is a spiffy new site layout to be implemented in the near future. The design is mostly done at this point, and it's very GREEN.

As you no doubt are aware of, The Big O can now be seen on Adult Swim at 12:00am, Monday-Thursday. Dorothy Dorothy has experienced a surge in traffic, going from 50 hits a day to 400+. In anticipation of additional traffic, DD is going to be switching webhosts within the next two weeks or so. DD may be down for a day or two, but do not be alarmed: it simply means that the transfer is going on, not that the site has disappeared from the internet. Thank you all for your patronage of this website

Anime Central was a huge success and a lot of fun. At the Big O panel on Saturday, a certain insane redhead asked Mr. Katayama if he liked cooking. That same insane redhead ran up on stage to present him with his very own "Kiss the Negotiator" apron to use while cooking. The apron and two lovely Dorothies are pictured above with Mr. Katayama after the panel. An apron was sold in the art show just like the one worn by Mr. Katayama himself, along with a set of Norman Battenberg-lace napkins, all made by me in my kitchen. What a weekend!! Big O 2 also just sounds better and better and better... I'm excited!

Yikes! Three months and no update. My apologies for this. I've been busy with work. Nothing new for the site just yet: I'm not going to be aggressive with updates until Big O 2 is being shown on Cartoon Network: that's when I really have to worry about site traffic anyhow.

Happy New Year! Big O is now airing in Japan. I got to see episodes 14-16 recently and oh my, this show does not disappoint. Can't wait for this to come out in the U.S.

There's a lot to do for the site. Biggest news is that due to sudden increased popularity, this site will be moving to a new server soon and may be down for a day or two. Thank you, Japanese visitors, for liking this website so much recently! I appreciate your visits!

Anyhow, the changes to come to the site after moving (which will occur in early February: new site design, more stuff to see, several revisions and additions, and all kinds of fun junk. I can't believe that this site has been around for two years, can you? I can't, not at all. Yowza.

No actual news per se, but I did update in the main page graphics. I just saw Pulp Fiction for the first time last night (yes, the first time) and thought that Dorothy would work so well as Mia Wallace. It's more than likely that you also saw the Halloween catgirl Dorothy that was up, if you visit the site a lot (and apparently, there's quite a few of you). I think I'll do this regularly; it's easier than updating the entire site look.

So much news for so little time! On the gossip front: we now know the name of Act 14. If you want to know, check out the placeholder for it in the Diary section. Also, a new link or two can be found in Links.

Now, some more gossip that you may not have already known about:

  • the October 2002 issue of Newtype included a DVD (region 2) that apparently has a trailer for the new season of The Big O. (source: Mike Toole of Anime Jump)
  • The name for Act 14 is "Roger the Wanderer," and it will be screened at the Tokyo WonderFest (source: this page)
  • The Big O comic WILL continue to be serialized in Magazine Z starting with the November 2002 issue. (source: Ariga Megamix)
  • Kotobukiya showed some pewter Big O figurines at the Fall Tokyo Hobby Show source: Hobby Link Japan).

More gossip will be posted as it is heard.

Changes to Introduction, Links. Additional housecleaning throughout the site. Fixed a couple of slightly inaccurate images on the Style page. Added two cels that I never got around to adding to the Cels page (Said cels are also available for trade/sale, if anyone's interested). Oh, and check out the link to Sunrise's new official Big O site in Japanese if you haven't already!

A new Omake! feature has been added, albeit pre-emptively... the Dorothy Gourd is now available for viewing, courtesy of Ms. Prairie Rose Clayton (who had a very especiale birthday two days ago, yaaaay!) and, well, this site. Go see, go see! Also reorganized the Omake! section a bit. Credits/FAQ were also updated. New piece up in Op/Ed.

It's true, it's true... second season of The Big O is currently being produced by Sunrise Animation in conjunction with our very own Cartoon Network. Source: Anime on DVD

- Added a new cel to cel gallery.

- Fixed a few errors and omissions on Style page.

- Manga page information updated.
- Little artwork bits added to anime, manga.
- New links added to links page.
- Added new outfit to Style.

Updates! We gotcher updates!
- Diary problems have been fixed
- Diary layout and content is updated.
- Style layout and content is updated.
- Credits layout and content is updated.
- Anime layout is updated.
- Manga layout and content is updated.
- Op/Ed layout is updated.
- Cels layout and content updated

Left to do: add new cels and content. Wheee!

New layouts for Omake, Updates, Links pages. Slow and surely, transformation is underway. Really excited about revamp of Style, can't wait to show results, hoo hoo hoo.

Since the end of the semester is here, look for more sporadic updates and stuff.

Rumors abound of a second season. Can't wait to hear concrete news!

New main page layout. New template for "intro." Will extend changes to the rest of the site as time permits within the next month. I would also very much like to replace the cel art on this site with fanart; I will still keep my cel gallery up, but in the whole spirit of creativity and whatnot... you know. Maybe it'll lead to a fanart gallery, but maybe it won't. The Amélie-styled artwork of Dorothy on the main page was drawn by yours truly, by the by.

Dorothy desktop icons in the omake! section.

Eeek! Happy New Year?!?!

It's been a while, huh? I have all kinds of things to update y'all on.

First, why no updates: uh, work, giant national crisis, trying to get back into school, getting back into school, several holidays, and the last big news I've had is that my dear old kitty of sixteen years, Friskie, passed away on January 21. So, I've had a lot of stuff to contend with other than this website. Thanks to everyone who's written to me in the past six months, wanting to know stuff about the site.

Second, I've been selling off my non-Dorothy cels privately. Why? Well, I needed money for school, and I also realized that I'd rather focus on collecting Dorothy cels; they're harder to find and seem to be more in demand than the other characters. I'm going to make notes in the gallery as to where they've gone pretty soon (they've all gone to the same guy). Anyhow, while I'm reeeal hesitant to sell any of my existing Dorothies (all of them are my favorites, you see), the idea of trading isn't totally out of the question. Sooo, if you wanna swap one of my Dorothy cels for one of yours, let's talk.

Housecleaning: I updated the credits page a bit with some up-to-date info in the FAQ and credits. Added/fixed some links.

I still have a ton of content to add, including the making of the marvelous Dorothy Gourd. Dorothy Gourd? My friend Prairie carved a wonderful R. Dorothy Wayneright pumpkin last Halloween, design based on Dorothy's manga visage. You'll love it. I also need to add stuff about the Anime Collector's Series Dorothy/Roger set, the manga that is to be released by Viz, the CD, the business card, the scraps of merch that are around... man, there's a lot. I'm also hoping to sell some veeeery special R. Dorothy merch pretty soon (and we ain't just talking Cafepress t-shirts... naw, I think you'll like this one).

Also, Dorothy Dorothy will be switching to a new webhost sometime in late March. How does this affect you? It shouldn't, really. At worst, the site will be down for a couple of days while the DNS stuff gets resolved. When the site goes back up, I'm hoping to have some more neat crap available, such as an Ikonboard, affiliate junk, the overdue cosplay section, updated cels, and of course, the Dorothy Gourd.

Ta for now!

Dorothy Dorothy now has a sister site of sorts... please give a round of applause for The Negotiator, the bestest Roger Smith shrine around! *fanfare*
I'm going to be at the Montreal Jazz Festival from the 30th-4th, so see you back on the 5th!

Don't know if this even qualifies as an update, but the index page has adopted a leetle Dorothy-gif from the lovely-n-talented Emma of Primadonna custom adoptables. Go look and see at all the cuteness! Note that you should have Netscape 6+ to view this kitty, though. Also, the cosplay page is being worked on; should have that one done up by the end of this month, hopefully... waiting to get some more Dorothy cosplay photos from Mikkakan in New Hampshire.

Credits - updated format; added a small site FAQ.

New look (well, new colors) for the entire site!
Cels - added two more new cels.
Diary - redid a few entries, new format.

Cels - added four new cels.

Site redesign is in progress! Well, not a site redesign, but a site recolor. Yes, yes, I have heard your pleas to make this site more readable and I have listened, so look for that happening soon. Also am working to get cosplay photos for the new top-secret Dorothy cosplay page (shh! Don't tell, but that was me dressed as manga Dorothy at Anime Central 2001 on Friday and Saturday!).

Intro - tiny leetle update prodded by K.T. Pope.
Omake - new sprite added.

Hardly earth-shattering news, but I switched trackers from Nedstat to Extreme Tracker (you wouldn't think website tracking could be made eXTReMe! but it can). The old stats, as in stats from before April 26, can be viewed here assuming anyone besides me cares ...

Omake - R. Dorothy Cakeright feature now up!

Omake - added new sprites

Intro - fixed a boo-boo
Links - added a new link
Dorothy's Diary - added a couple new entries

A plain old new page:
Manga - just added, really needs work

Clever way to recycle old anime.html:
Diary - new section added and oh, is it cute.

Very gigantic updates/changes made midday:
Anime - xferred contents of old intro.html here
Intro - this page completely rewritten

Minor updates made earlier today:
Omake - added desktop wallpaper

New sections added:
Style, Updates

Sections updated:
Links - Added new link to "non-related links."

Omake - Received a gift WinAmp skin!
Intro - Added some information.

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