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Wild Speculation about The Big O, Season 2

What was once rumor is now fact... there will be a second season of The Big O, and it will air in Japan and it will air here on the Cartoon Network. Whee! However, what can we expect in the future? Here's a little list of weird questions, speculations, observations, and thoughts that I've got on the show:

  1. Cartoon Network will treat The Big O with R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    I imagine that they'd not hack/revise the story too terribly so as to put it where it really belongs, on either Toonami at night (where it garnered really impressive ratings), or on Adult Swim Action. It just makes sense. Yeah, yeah, we know, they're owned by Time-Warner, but CN is also rampant with anime nerds. Did you not get to see a version of Cowboy Bebop on the telly with edits that, c'mon, just kinda made sense at the time? I expect similar treatment for The Big O.

  2. Roger and Dorothy's relationship
    Does Roger really have strong feelings for Dorothy and vice versa? Are they just "good friends?" It'd be nice if they got together, but one or both of them must die as a result. On the other hand, whatta bunch of baloney.


    Dorothy, like Foreigner, wants to know what love is and seems to want Roger to show her. At the same time, according to the laws of these sorts of things(highlight to read), Dorothy has to have a big, gooey explosion, just like Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, or Tima in Metropolis, or any robot girl who is loved by a human boy, thereby leaving the human boy very, very sad. It'd be nice to see a happy ending and satisfying conclusion for the two of them, though.

  3. Explanation about Roger's parents
    If he was a wacky clone, and if Dorothy looks like his mother... is it possible that the real Dorothy Wayneright was, somehow, Roger's mother? Why else would he think that Dorothy looked like his maw? If that's true, and if Roger really does crave hot robot ass, then... ew, he's yucky. He's yucky and has an Oedipus complex. Eeeew. I don't think that's necessarily true; that's mostly just conjecture on my part. I also think it's highly unlikely, but so what? My webpage, not yours.

  4. What the hell is Dorothy, anyhow, and why do 1337 h4XX0rZ ownz her?
    We still don't really know the score with Dorothy's construction. Yeah, she's a robot, she was built by Wayneright to fill the void left by the real Dorothy, but what's up with the bad moods? Why does she keep getting ownzored by the bad guys so easily? She seems to have a double use as some kind of weapon or remote-control device... or is it the other way around? I imagine that this is definitely going to get explained at some point.

  5. Is Angel a foreigner? Does she wear the Foreigner belt? And what's up with those scars?
    Religious symbolism much? Is Big O 2 going to be Evangelion: More Has? And whose side is she really on, anyhow? I say she's on her own side. Or is she secretly a good guy, and we're going to find this out via Plot Twist?

  6. Will the new series be, by some odd chance, cel animated?
    Because I'd just love to buy more cels. Doubtful, but one can have false hopes, can't one? Please please please at least let me have the chance to own some choice douga.

  7. Will we get to see more cool Big O merch for sale?
    Specifically, when can I buy Mr. Konaka's R. Dorothy Wayneright doll from Noix de Rome?

  8. Will the crew of The Big O make an appearance at any U.S. Anime Conventions?
    Because that would totally rule.

  9. So, what exactly was The Event?
    Is it going to end up being some wacky thinly veiled no-nukes-technology-will-destroy-us thing, or will it be something more meaningful than that, like God brought down his wrath because humans were getting too uppity? Was it The Rapture? What the heck's going on?

  10. How the hell does Norman fit into everything? And Big Ear? And creepy Alex Rosewater? And old Gordon Rosewater? Why did Roger leave the Military Police? Is Roger going to die from autoerotic asphyxiation? Will we have and ending like the manga? Do I have to animate the rest of this myself using Macromedia Flash? TELL ME!!!!!
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