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Roger Smith is Soooo Hooooot...

I don't know what was in the water that the production crew was drinking while Big O Second Season was in production, but it seems like Roger got much, much sexier during the show's hiatus. I mean, DAMN.

When I first saw him as a scruffy, shiftless layabout in Act 14, my impulse was to give him a quarter and then ask him to meet me behind the 7-11. There's something about five o'clock shadow, messy hair, and camel trench coats that gets the mojo running. His eyes were best described as "wicked friggin' sexy." The extra little tuft of hair coming out of his widow's peak is also pretty cute.

What is it that's more attractive about that damn Roger Smith now that wasn't around in the First Season? Was I just not noticing? Was I more secure in my relationship with my longterm boyfriend then than I am now? No, I don't think either of those statements are accurate. Perhaps the death of cel animation has something to do with it, oddly enough. Sure, there's some key cels done by Saito out there that are best described as sex-laden, but I think the cleaned-up lines are helping to round out a consistently hot-looking Roger.

Roger is a classically handsome man. He's got a full head of black hair in the chiseled look that is typical of postwar fashion... is he a baseball player? Is he a war hero? Does he possess powers that surpass those typically bestowed upon man? Is he a guitar-strummin' boy from Tennessee? He can be anything with that hair. His hair has dimensions. His eyebrows should be completely creepy by all standards but instead add to his appeal. His nose is long and tapered off. He's got a strong chin. He's got a really nice broad upper torso that tapers off into a narrow waist and long, long legs. When you translate those specs into Living Human Male, you've got a really hot piece of manflesh. It is then only natural that a man in non-corporeal form should also be viewed as "completely hot."

Roger Smith, you give me a total boner. That about sums up my feelings on you.

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